Emergency help in measles affected hills sought

Bangladesh Adibasi Forum and Kapaeeng Foundation on Saturday asked the government and non-governmental organisations to provide emergency humanitarian help in measles affected hilly areas of the country.

The organisations made the demand in the backdrop of recent measles outbreak at Sajek union of Baghaichari in Rangamati and Lama union of Lama in Bandarban that had already killed at least eight children and infected at least 300 others.

The statement said that the people of the remote areas were passing days in utter anxiety and uncertainty and said that the situation should not go under cover in the present coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

The statement signed by Hiron Mitra Chakma said that the areas were out of the government medical and vaccinations service facility.

They asked the government to form medical boards for the affected areas, round the clock free treatment of the patients, emergency humanitarian assistance, investigating the reasons of the outbreak, and adequate compensation for the affected families.

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